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2 port ethernet faceplate socket

Get the Best Ethernet Connection with a 2-Port Ethernet Faceplate Socket. 

Introduction to the 2-Port Ethernet Faceplate Socket

Do you find yourself needing more than one Ethernet port in a room? Do you have to constantly switch cables between devices or use a hub? Worry no more. The 2-Port Ethernet Faceplate Socket is here to solve your Ethernet connection problem. 

This compact socket allows you to have two Ethernet connections in one location, also the Hy-connect's product such as keystone patch panel. It is easy to install and provides a professional look to your walls. Plus, it is compatible with most Ethernet cables, making it a versatile tool for your network.

Advantages of Using A 2-Port Ethernet Faceplate Socket

One of the main advantages of using a 2-Port Ethernet Faceplate Socket is the convenience it provides for your network. With two ports available, you can connect different devices such as your computer and gaming console or your printer and smart TV. This allows you to have a centralized location for your network and eliminates the need for multiple cables. 

Another advantage of this socket is that it provides a neat and organized look to your walls, same with the keystone network jack supplied by Hy-connect. The socket is compact and covers up the cables and connections, making it a professional addition to your home or office. This is a great option for improving the aesthetic of your space without sacrificing functionality.

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