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CE certificadas de conectores jack rj45 cat 6

Internet has here to make us more faster and OptimiSed like ever before in fast pace digital world. Networked operations all rely on RJ45 Cat 6 plugs. hy-connect cat6 cable jack they are the perfect scalable solutions as well, tested with CE certified connectors to serve our increasing digital iterations.

Cat 6 High Speed RJ45 Connectors

The network performance requires good plugs, which can move data in and out of storage systems very quickly across the room. The RJ45 Cat 6 connectors marked CE can transmit Gigabit Ethernet signals of up to 1 Gbps. hy-connect cat6 data jacks the Cat 6 high speed connectors offer ultra-fast performance for next-gen operation and full frame multimedia delivery, ensuring a rapid adoption in the workplace that will give users an effective workspace with financial mode of efficiency. This not only improves productivity but also provides a nice foundation to manage the increasing demand on bandwidth (given that these are necessary for today's networks).

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