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Conector cat5 e keystone tomada

These cat5e jack are minute components which act as a bridge between functionality and elegance in the intricate world of networking infrastructure: Cat5e Keystone Jacks. They are the hy-connect movers and shakers of cables organization providing consistent network performance, hence do not just improve any simple connectivity with Cat5e cable but they are ingredients to unlocking special features.

Why You Ought to Have Cat5e Keystone Jacks

Cat5e Keystone Jacks are the modular interface that links terminations with Ethernet cables in a structured cabling system. The hy-connect holes provided are large enough to run the cabling through inside of the cat5e keystone jack cassette body making it effortless for alterations in network without creating any sort of disturbances and breaks. Cat5e jacks, on the other hand have improved end-to-end specifications which develop a progressive channel so networks will not bottleneck as more data passes through in the years to come with Gigabit Ethernet (1 Gbps) becoming standard.

Why choose hy-connect Conector cat5 e keystone tomada?

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