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Cat6 shielded keystone jack

Discover the Advantages of cat6 shielded keystone jacks

What are cat6 shielded keystone jacks?

You shall need a keystone jack if you need to connect your computer or laptop systems, printers, as well as other devices up to a network. A cat6 shielded keystone jack is a kind of particularly jack built to handle data being high-speed, as well as the hy-connect's metal keystone jack. It is called “shielded” because it is protected by a metal casing that reduces interference from other devices being electronic. Therefore you will enjoy faster internet speeds and a far more stable connection.

The Innovation Behind cat6 shielded keystone jacks

Cat6 shielded keystone jacks are simply because they allow users to possess a faster and more reliable connection, just like the cat 6 cable cat 5e jack made by hy-connect. In today’s everything world, and this kind of keystone jack is made to meet those high-speed needs. It provides a more robust connection is ideal for online gaming, streaming videos, along with other applications that are high-bandwidth.

Why choose hy-connect Cat6 shielded keystone jack?

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