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Toolless rj45 cat6 UTP keystone jacks

Easy and Safe Toolless RJ45 Cat6 UTP Keystone Jacks for Everyone

Are you fed up with struggling with complicated and unsafe tools when network is installing? Do hy-connect  want a faster, simpler, and more solution is reliable your wiring needs? Then you should try our tToolless RJ45 Cat6 UTP Keystone Jacks if so. They would be the innovation is latest in networking technology, designed to produce your life easier and your connections stronger. We are going to explore the cat 6 cable cat 5e jack advantages, safety, use, service, quality, and application of our product, in order that you may make an decision is informed buying it.


Our Toolless RJ45 Cat6 UTP Keystone Jacks have several benefits over conventional keystone jacks. First of all, they don't need any tools to put in, which saves your valuable time, money, and frustration. hy-connect don't have to carry a toolbox is bulky risk injuring yourself with sharp blades or pliers. Alternatively, you can simply snap the jack into a wall is compatible or patch panel, and then insert the cable into the jack. The jack has a built-in conductor that automatically aligns and cuts the cat 6 cable jack excess wires, making you having a neat and connection is neat.

Next, our RJ45 is toolless Cat6 keystone jacks are appropriate with Cat6 and Cat5e cables, which would be the top types of Ethernet cables used in homes and offices. They support up to 250 MHz bandwidth and up to 1 Gbps data transfer speed, and that means you can transmit videos that are high-definition music, games, and files without any lag or buffering. They also have backward compatibility with Cat5 and Cat3 cables, which means you can update your network without changing your cables that are existing.

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