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Cat6A shielded modular jacks

What are Cat6A Shielded Modular Jacks?

You should consider if you should be trying to enhance the performance and safety of one's network, Cat6A Shielded Modular Jacks are an innovative solution., like cat 6 modular jack created by hy-connect. These jacks can be used for connecting products to an ethernet network providing a secure and fast connection may handle a higher data transfer rate.

cat6A shielded modular jacks were created with a shield that protects against electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI). This shield means that your network connection is safe and stable, even yet in environments with high examples of interference.

Benefits of Using cat6A shielded modular jacks

One of many advantages of choosing Cat6A Shielded Modular Jacks, including cat6a modular jack by hy-connect are the improved performance of network. These jacks gives a dependable and fast connection are made for high data transfer prices, allowing you to streams video clip content, downloads large files, and plays games without any lag.

In addition to enhancing the performances of your network, Cat6A Shielded Modular Jacks is also safer to make use of. Their shielded design mean that your data is protected from interference, preventing hackers from gaining use of your body.

An additional benefit of Cat6A Shielded Modular Jacks is they are simple to install and then makes utilization of. You should not be referred to as a system expert for connecting your devices to your network making use of this jacks. They are created become user-friendly, with no unique tools or gear so you can installs them on your own.

Why choose hy-connect Cat6A shielded modular jacks?

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