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Modular jack keystone

What is a Modular Jack Keystone and Why you'll need One
Maybe you have heard of a Modular Jack Keystone? If not, you're in luck. We'll explore just what a hy-connect cat6A shielded modular jacks is, why it's a cutting-edge product, and its many advantages.

Exactly what is a Modular Jack Keystone?

A Modular Jack Keystone is a kind of connector utilized in system cabling. It acts being an interface between your network cable and a network device, such as a router or computer. It features hy-connect cat8 rj45 shielded toolless keystone which can be modular may be easily snapped into a keystone wall surface plate or area mount box. This will make it a convenient and solution is flexible network cabling in houses and offices.

Why choose hy-connect Modular jack keystone?

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