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Category 6 jack

Title: Why Category 6 Jack is the Best Choice for Your Internet Connection Needs?

Have you any basic proven fact that there is an improved as a type of network jacks than the Category 5 or Category 5e jack? hy-connect category 6 jack is called category 6 jack, and it's currently perhaps one of the most innovatively and smartly designed network jacks out here. Here, we shall discuss advantages, innovation, safety, use, application, quality, and solutions from the category 6 jack.


Features of category 6 jack

The first advantage get with all the category 6 jack may be the speed. Yes, using the category 6 jack, you get lightning-fast internet speed to 10 Gigabits per second. This implies you have got 10 times the speed of hy-connect cat 6 cable jack. This blazing speed because of the known undeniable fact that category 6 jack has four pairs of copper wire tightly twisted together to reduce resistance and crosstalk.

An additional reliability benefits significant. The category 6 jack is backward compatible, meaning that it is effective at supporting both Category 5 and Category 5e cables. But it is not recommended to make use of older cables with category 6 jack to get the benefits from the greater performance.


Why choose hy-connect Category 6 jack?

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When category 6 installing jack make sure the best type of cable can be used, therefore the installation follows specific guidelines. The hy-connect cat 6 network jack used should have heavy shielding of blocking interference. Which means that it is vital to follow the directions provided with this product.



The category 6 jack is widely found in high-speed internet connections, such as streaming, gaming, and hefty internet usage. It is additionally utilized in offices with heavy internet usage where stable and fast connectivity is important. The hy-connect cat 6 modular jack may be used in Smart homes, where internet connectivity necessary to power the smart devices.



The category 6 jack can additionally be known for its exceptional quality. It’s manufactured to fulfill particular standards guarantee optimum performance. The standard of transmission through hy-connect cat 6 wall jack is quite high, with just minimal errors or loss.


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