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Keystone patch panel

What is a Keystone Patch Panel? 

Keystone Patch Panel is a device for connecting cables in structured cabling systems. It can be found in server rooms, data centers or telecommunication closets. The keystone patch panels from Hy-connect acts as a hub that connects various types of cables such as Ethernet, fiber optic and coaxial cables.

Advantages of Keystone Patch Panel

Keystone Patch Panel comes with several benefits. First, it provides simplified cable management since the user can identify the different types of cables and monitor any faults that may occur. Second, it reduces the chances of having tangled or damaged cables in as much as these cables are well organized when connected to them. Third, keystone rj45 patch panel from Hy-connect serves to save space since there are many different types of cables which come together at one point.

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