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Server rack patch panel

The Amazing Server Rack Patch Panel: Making Life Easier for You.


The server rack patch panel is an innovative product by hy-connect company provides great advantages regarding organizing your cables. It permits you to definite link multiple cat5e patch panel to a solitary area panel through cables, which often are attached to the primary server. This makes it super easy to control your cables without fretting about any tangles or mess. In addition, it will also help raise the appearance of the server room, giving it an even more neat and arranged look.

Why choose hy-connect Server rack patch panel?

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How to Use

To use the server rack patch panel, stay glued to the principles supplied with the product. Typical, you would focus on mounting the panel on your server rack screws being using other fasteners. Next, you would connect the cat6a modular plug cables from your products into the hy-connect patch panel, making sure each cable is connected to the true port. As soon as all of the cables are linked, then you're in a position to link the location panel towards the main server. You may label each slot in connection with spot panel to make it safer to identify which device is attached to which port.


The hy-connect company provide exceptional client service for several our products and telephone keystone jack, such as the server rack patch panel. You may expect many different spot panel sizes to match your specific requirements, and knowledgeable staff constant accessible to answer any questions you might have.


We pride ourselves on supplying products that top-notch are durable and reliable. hy-connect company server rack patch panel is constructed of durable and high-quality products like keystone cat6 making sure it might withstand even the most challenging conditions. Moreover, our items undergo rigorous evaluating and quality control checks, making certain they meet our standards being high.

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